Everything you need to know about nightlife in Buenos Aires

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It's Forking Good

by Khadija Hassanali


The word takes on so many different meanings depending on who you are. You could be into clubbing, bar hopping, live music, tango, eating, ping pong, karaoke, talking, or my personal favorite – just sleeping, and Buenos Aires has it at an unparalleled quality (except for the sleeping of course).

I know there are thousands of nightlife guides out there, but as promised for Vivan, here’s my stab at a killer (almost literally), all-encompassing week in Capital Federal.

I’ll start with Sunday, because it’s logical and also because it’s my favorite night in Buenos Aires.

Wait a second. Sunday night?

Yes for one reason only – Makena Cantina Club (Palermo). This place on Sunday nights specifically is by far the most fun I have ever had out anywhere. Trust me, as I mentioned I love sleeping and would not stay out till 6 am…

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