Week 1

SORRY ABOUT THE LATE POST! I started writing, but then got super busy with work!

Hola amigos!

As you can (hopefully) tell, my Spanish is improving! No longer do I reply to every question with no hablos espanol!!

The city

It’s been about a week since I’ve been in Buenos Aires, and the city is nothing short of spectacular. It has a very European vibe, but a completely different culture. Everything is very laidback. Stores often close in the middle of the day without warning. Restaurants very rarely publish their hours of operation on their storefronts. Yesterday and today, bank workers across the country have been on strike which means that most people have been unable to exchange their money for the last 5 or 6 days. Just in terms of neighborhoods, BA is extremely diverse. The old-money, posh Recoleta is surrounded by the upmarket, young Palermo, and the grungy, cool San Telmo. La Boca, where the stadium for the football team, Boca Juniors is a touristy, and rather unsafe place to be. Puerto Madero looks like a mix of Manhattan and Venice, with high rise buildings right on the riverfront, littered with lots of cool (and v expensive) restaurants and happening bars.

I am living in a barrio (area) called Palermo Soho, which is one of the better parts of the city. It is a very charming neighborhood, full of lovely shops and great restaurants. In just my one week here, I have been able to have some amazing parilla, modern Argentine cuisine and even Indian food! I am living in a four bedroom apartment I found on Airbnb. I live with the owner of the apartment, a lady named Luba, and currently, with an American lady named Meg.

Luba is hilarious.
When I got to the apartment at about ten in the morning, Luba was sleeping (Argentines sleep late and wake up late), so another guest, Meg opened the door for me. Meg is a spiritual healer who is in Buenos Aires for about 5 weeks to learn the Tango. She’s from Colorado, and spent the last 5 months in the Ecuadorian rainforest studying healing energies. Meg very graciously offered to show me around the neighborhood and we ended up getting breakfast together. Meg explained to me that breakfast in Argentina usually comprises of mainly media lunas (croissants) and coffee. She was not wrong.

Every restaurant serves 3 media lunas and coffee for breakfast. It’s insane! I have never had a harder time finding fruit in a city. And this is after I spent my last summer in Seoul, which is also notorious for lack of fruit. Anyhow, I spent the first few days settling into the city and exploring Palermo Soho.

Apart from that, It’s a really nice place (will upload pics soon) and the people are very friendly. My first week went by exploring the city. Got to see Recoleta, Belgrano, San Telmo, Boca, Puerto Madero and starting my internship.

The food

Argentine food doesn’t really use spices, so it can tend to be quite bland. Being the land of beef, steak is pretty much the staple here. Steak and potatoes (fried or mashed) are the most common dishes in restaurants and I’ve rarely seen people order anything else. They grill their steak on the parrilla and the meat is super good quality. Usually they serve it with chimichurri sauce, which adds some flavor to the meal.  

For lunch, they make really good sandwiches with meat (surprise surprise!) too. Vegetables are more common during lunch with rucola and avocado being the preferred options. Although I’ve never been to a vegan place before, I’m trying hard to find some here for more variety in food!

Ok gotta go now, stay tuned, will update soon!


One thought on “Week 1

  1. Your blog is very interesting
    Most of south America is Hispanic.Prior to the conquest there were Indian communities
    Are some of them still surviving? The Hispanics were ruthless colonial power.Is the country fairly multi ethnic.


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